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Here is a list of the TVB dramas that is going to air.

2017 TVB Dramas  Jan. – Dec.

Bet Hur 澳門群英會 Air date TBA [CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Patrick Tse, Lau Siu Ming, Natalis Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Monica Chan, Kenneth Ma
Episodes: 35
Known Info So Far:
Remake Classic Series “The Shell Game”
pre-modern series are not as popular as back then, so it will be a modern series that is 30-plus episodes, with a theme on casino heroes. Filming begins in April, with location filming in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Deep in the Realm of Conscience 宮心計2 Air date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Episodes: unknown
Cast: Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, Annie Liu, Chrissie Chau, Alice Chan, Jacqueline Wong

Demon-Conquering Taxi 降魔的 Airing Date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Episodes: 28
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Hugo Wong, Hubert Wu, Moon Lau, Iris Lam
Known Info
– Kenneth Ma will play a taxi driver who is able to see ghosts. He drives ‘other realm’ beings.
– Mandy Wong will play an accident and emergency department (A&E) doctor. She has a crush on Kenneth.
– Hugo Wong later becomes possessed by a demon.
– Hubert Wu will play a fairy.
– Moon Lau will play a 21-year-old woman who aspires to be an anchor. She is the host of a supernatural programme. She and Hubert are a couple.
– Iris Lam will play a university student. She and Hugo Wong are a couple.
– Helen Ma will play the boss of a taxi company who has stocks and is also a driver.
– Kenneth Ma will play a taxi driver who is able to see ghosts. He drives ‘other realm’ beings.
– Mandy Wong will play an accident and emergency department (A&E) doctor. She has a crush on Kenneth.
– Hugo Wong later becomes possessed by a demon.
– Hubert Wu will play a fairy.
– Moon Lau will play a 21-year-old woman who aspires to be an anchor. She is the host of a supernatural programme. She and Hubert are a couple.
– Iris Lam will play a university student. She and Hugo Wong are a couple.
– Helen Ma will play the boss of a taxi company who has stocks and is also a driver.

Destination Nowhere 迷 Airs Date Febuary 17th 2017 [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Kristal Tin, King Kong, James Ng
Kevin Cheng who plays a cop, Kristal Tin who works at a newspaper office, and King Kong who plays a silly thief. The three lines are all linked with one another and have a close relationship. In the first ten-plus episodes, the three lines do not know one another. In the middle of the series, the three main lines will finally meet one another, discovering that they have already seen one another but had failed to meet many times.
– Kevin will play Man Kiu Pak (萬喬柏), an upright cop who does things slower than others and thinks things thoroughly. He became a cop due to luck, even being promoted to an Inspector of Police. He is a timid cop who would cower whenever he encounters dangerous matters, but fortunately got promoted. He works in the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau. His elder brother and sister-in-law suddenly died, leaving their daughter, Winki Lai, so the uncle and niece have since relied on each other, becoming each other’s only relative. He knows that Winki cannot lose her uncle, so he always thinks things very thoroughly before taking action, which also makes it seem as though he does not dare to do anything like a little man. He is called 「萬Sir」.
– Kristal will play Hui Wing Yin (計穎妍), an assignment editor who works at a newspaper office. Although she works in such a positive industry, she secretly does illegal dealings because of her lifestyle. She is a selfish and timid character. She is an intellectual who firmly believes that knowledge can change one’s fate. She is a single mother. When she was younger, she had a daughter with her ex-husband, but her ex-husband has already passed away, so she raised her daughter alone. Because of her daughter, she goes down the gloomy side. At the end, she does things that are quite insane; to protect herself, she hurts those who had trusted her. She and James Ng have a mentor-mentee relationship. She and Kevin later develop feelings for one another; he does not know about her illegal dealings, so he helps her a lot, but they are actually on opposing sides. In the first 15 episodes, Kristal and Kevin encounter one another but do not actually meet; it is not until episode 16 that they have partnering scenes.
– King Kong will play Cheung Hak (張克), a Mainland person who goes to Hong Kong to obtain a Hong Kong identity card. He is originally someone who abides by the law, but in order to raise money for surgery for his younger sister, May Chan, he becomes a thief. He and May are poor siblings who go through adversity. He, Louis Yuen, and Tyson Chak are silly thieves who became thieves because of their lifestyle; they will create a lot of humourous sparks.
– James will play Lam Ka Wing (林家榮), a hot-blooded reporter who seeks the truth. He is Kristal’s subordinate. He has a romantic storyline with Winki; they come to have feelings for each other in time.

Heart and Greed 溏心風暴3 Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Bosco Wong, Ha Yu, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Vincent Wong, Eliza Sam, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Priscilla Wong
Vincent is playing the son of a tea restaurant owner, performing a modern version of the love story of Romeo and Juliet, lovebirds who get broken up by their family. Vincent laughingly said, “Very happy to have a group of seniors to bring us into the house. Eliza’s Cantonese now is so fluent. Improved even more after having a boyfriend. Has become more mature, and has gained life experience. All the ways of looking at things are different”. Eliza praised him back, saying that she has collaborated with Vincent and Eliza in series, and believes that there would be chemistry meeting up again. She said, “Really looking forward to working, will do more research to make the character even more three-dimensional”.

Line Walker: The Prelude 使徒行者2 Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Michael Miu, Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Priscilla Wong, Pakho Chau, Benjamin Yuen, Hui Shiu-hung
– This story is a prequel that occurs in year 2010. It talks about Benz Hui before he became a triad leader, and is the story of him still being a cop. Alice Chan is his wife, but she gets killed, so he has to get revenge.
– Michael Miu has many scenes with Benz. In the past, they worked in the same department.
– Moses Chan will play an entrepreneur. He is a triad leader who keeps killing people. He is the major antagonist.
– Jessica Hsuan will play a retired undercover cop. She gets caught between Michael and Moses.
– Benjamin Yuen will play Tsui Tin Tong (徐天堂).
– Pakho Chau will play a triad member. He has to ride a motorcycle.
– Priscilla Wong will play Cheng Suk Mui (鄭淑梅), an undercover cop. She is Michael’s subordinate.
My Ages Apart 跨時代 Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Maggie Shiu, Louis Cheung, Sammy Leung, Hui Shiu-hung, Ali Lee, Eddie Kwan, Katy Kung, John Chiang
Episodes: 50
Info: Bobby will be switching souls with James Ng. Bobby expressed that, although there is no script yet, the story is fresh, laughingly saying that having to put on James’ natural blank expression is even a type of challenge! Bobby, who has always specialized in filming comedies, is being a character who is both good and evil. He said, “But finding me and James, there would be a bit of humour. Have to rely on the script to help. Actually, collaborated with James in ‘Always and Ever’. He is not slow at all. Also want to collaborate with more young actors!”
My Unfair lady 懂撒嬌的女人 Air Date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Episodes: 28
Cast: Cast: Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Vincent Wong, Natalie Tong
– The series talks about the issues that Hong Kong females face. The content talks about the flirting competition of Hong Kong and Taiwanese females.
– This is TVB’s first 4K series filmed entirely on location. There will also be location filming in Tainan City and Shanghai, and will be inviting local actors to take part.

Cast: Roger Kwok, Ada Choi, Wong Cho Lam, Bob Lam, Joyce Cheng, Bowie Wu, Helena Law, Babyjohn Choi, Mag Lam, Koni Lui, Eliza Sam
Roger Kwok will play To Ming Chi (杜明治), a school principal. He is originally the principal of a boarding school, but there was a lack of students. Coincidentally, his parents, Bowie Wu and Helena Law, wanted to retire from their position as the principals of a private university, so they hand it over to him. He is a father. He and Ada Choi develop an underground romance.
– Ada will play Cheung Chun Keung (張進強), who works in public relations at the school. She originally works in public relations at Chun Wong’s company, but because his son, Babyjohn Choi, is a second generation who has neither learning nor skills, he hopes for his son to study seriously but is also afraid of him causing trouble, so he sends her to look after his son. If Babyjohn graduates, then she receives a large sum of money. Since that school is funded by Chun Wong, she is arranged to be the principal’s administrative assistant at the school. In the beginning, she does not like Roger, but later begins to admire his philosophy on education. In addition, Roger frequently helps her son, so she slowly likes Roger.
– Bob Lam will play To Ming Hang (杜明亨), who opens a publishing house and a tutoring centre for money. He has a romantic storyline with Koni Lui. He is Roger’s younger brother.
– Joyce Cheng will play Tak Tak (得得), who is very crude. She always yells at people and threatens people with red paint and knives. She grew up in Canada. Because she reveres the triads culture, she specially returns in hopes to create a triads mobile app. At the same time, because she has a letter in Chinese that was left to her by her late mother, she wants to personally read it, so she hopes to learn Chinese at school; because of this, she meets Mag Lam and Babyjohn. She is Roger’s paternal cousin.

Nezha and Yang Jian 哪吒與楊戩 Air Date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Wong Cho-Lam, Gao Yunxiang, Liu Ying, Linda Chung, Lam Chi-Chung
Info: Unknown

Provocateur 與諜同謀 Air Date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Attending Cast: Gallen Lo, Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, Jacqueline Wong, Raymond Cho, Cheung Wing Hong, Jack Wu, Roxanne Tong, Stephanie Che

7 Days of Romance; 7일간의 로맨스 Air Date TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Danny Ahn, Priscilla Wong, Jason Chan Chi-San, William Chak, Candy Chang
Info: Unknown

Time-Travelling Officials 超時空男臣Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Raymond Cho, Grace Wong, Matthew Ho
– The content talks about Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, and Matthew Ho travelling from the Ming Dynasty to the modern times to find the whereabouts of crown princess Grace Wong.
– The ancient scenes will only appear for one episode.
– Edwin will play Yuan Chonghuan (袁崇煥), a Ming Dynasty general who returns to the modern times to find a princess, causing much laughter.
– Raymond will play Zuo Guangdou (左光斗). He is Edwin’s younger brother.
– Matthew will play Li Jinzhong (李進忠), a eunuch. He is also called 「小冬」.
– Kristal Tin will play Fong Wai Chi (方惠芝), the third-generation successor of a traditional restaurant. She has two younger sisters. She has a romantic storyline with Edwin. She leads Edwin, Raymond, and Matthew from the ancient times to the modern times.
– Bob Cheung will play Zhu Changluo (朱常洛), the crown prince.
– Grace will play two characters: crown princess Guo Qian (郭倩) and sneering star Wang Yishan (汪以珊). She is a crown princess in the ancient times, but when she goes to the modern times, she becomes a popular star, so she does not want to go back; thus, Edwin and Raymond go to the modern times to capture her back.
– Rebecca Zhu will play Kristal’s younger sister.
– Vicky Chan will play Fong Wai Kei (方慧琪), a simple family girl.
– Tsui Wing will play an antagonist.

The Unholy Alliance 同盟Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Paw Hee-Ching, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu
– The series wants to show the face of international crime syndicates, talking about syndicates having to mutually collaborate in order to keep their power.
– The plot talks about the modern world’s power struggle, along with some mysterious storylines, mainly revolving around the competition among Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, and Elaine Yiu.
– Nina Paw will play Ling Hung (令熊), a syndicate chairman who calls the shots. She is a domineering ‘big sister’. She is a female Godfather or a modern Wu Zetian. Apart from having to face the internal troubles of mutual scheming in the family, she also has to face the provident struggles within the syndicate. She will play two characters: one is Ruco’s mother, while the other raised Ruco. One has to protect Ruco.
– Ruco will play Ko Chi Kit (高子杰), a tall, rich, and handsome guy. He likes to play X games because he likes to challenge himself. He has a risk-taking spirit and is not afraid of dying. He grew up in Taiwan. Because someone wants to secretly protect him, Nancy is asked to be his bodyguard. This pair not only has many ferocious battles but also a lot of body contact; they have already exceeded a typical male-female relationship, having passion, humour, and loyalty. He and Nancy do judo. He is Nina’s son.
– Nancy will play Yuen Ching Yan (阮清欣), Ruco’s personal bodyguard.
– Joel will play Kent Ling Chin Yau (令千佑), a lawyer. He and Elaine are like special agents; the way they handle matters and do secret missions has the James Bond feel. He is Nina’s adopted son.
– Elaine will play Kate Wai Yi Yau (韋以柔), who does public relations for Nina.
– Kwok Fung will play Wai Lui (韋磊), Elaine’s mean father who frequently interferes with her development with Joel.
– Bella Lam will play Chloe Law Ho Yi (羅皓兒), a well-behaved girl who is the clear spring of a big family. She is the daughter of Mary Hon and Carlo Ng.
– Sammi Cheung and her elder brother have a tea restaurant. Her elder brother is a retired triad boss. They are neighbours with Ruco and Oscar. She has a crush on Oscar.
The Unlawful Justice Squad 踩過界 Air Date: TBA
Cast: Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Ali Lee, Owen Cheung, Pal Sinn
– Vincent Wong will play a blind lawyer who crosses the boundaries, so he offends many people. When he was young, he was in a car accident. He is popular among females, but he does not have a romantic storyline. Sisley Choi and Ali Lee like him, though it may be out of sympathy. He was abandoned by his father during his childhood, and was deeply hurt by Tracy Chu when he grew up; thus, out of pity, Sisley likes him and takes care of him, and is willing to go through lengths to help him. He and Owen Cheung have a bromance.
– Sisley will play a paralegal who assists Vincent. She has protruding teeth and a scar on her forehead. She has a rough appearance but is a loyal girl. She is the daughter of a former triad leader, so she has a heroic spirit; she is kind and willing to help others, so she looks after Vincent. Regardless of how much she admires Vincent, she does not show it. She is called 「癲姐」.
– Ali will play Wong Lai Fan (王勵凡), a judge with a refined appearance but an open personality. She is a serious judge during the day but is wild at night. Because she returned from overseas, she has a Western personality. She grew up in the US, so she does not like to abide by the rules. She frequently goes clubbing, and even has one-night stands.
– Owen will play Kuk Yat Ha (谷一夏), a private investigator.
– Pal Sinn will play Tracy’s father. In order to make Tracy marry William Chak, he drugs her.
– Hugo Wong will play a prosecutor. He and Vincent are rivals.
– Chun Wong will play a former triad leader. He is Sisley’s father.
– William will guest-star in a case as Tracy’s boyfriend.
– Toby Chan will play Poon On (潘安), a transgender person. She discovers that she has the body of a man but the heart of a woman, so she gets a sex change; in the end, she appears as a woman. She is a case character.

Watch Out, Boss Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Episodes; 20
Cast: Flora Chan, Ben Wong, Waise Lee, Tony Hung, Steven Cheung
The background of the series is a telecommunications company. Apart from helping their bosses deal with trivial work matters, the job of secretaries is to also help them obtain information. A lot of the time, secretaries will eat with other secretary groups or secretaries of a rival company to help their boss obtain information, and may also release information for their boss at the same time. Secretaries also help their boss deal with personal matters, such as helping him pay utility bills, file taxes, and even helping the boss’ children with their homework; thus, their relationship is quite close
Flora Chan will play Hazel Lo Joi Lam (路在林), an all-around senior secretary. She is a person who separates personal and business matters. For her job, she constantly improves herself such that she becomes good at everything (whether it is culinary skill, electronics, or arranging flowers), so she is very popular within the company. Ben Wong fell in love with her at first sight. She and Ben started a company after getting married; however, he had such a tough time that he went to bed with another woman to relieve his stress, and got caught in the act by her, which is the reason they got a divorce. She and Ben are a divorced couple; they were married ten-plus years ago, but went their separate ways after getting a divorce. Ben went to the US, while she stayed in Hong Kong as a secretary. One day, Ben suddenly becomes a director in her company. She does not want others to know that they were married before, so Ben’s appearance messes up her lifestyle. Because Ben and her boss have some competition, they have a rivalrous relationship, but their previous status as a married couple slowly becomes revealed, and many colleagues begin to not believe them.
Wulin Revival Air Date: TBA [CLICK FOR A PICTURE]
Cast: Edwin Siu, Grace Chan, Ben Wong, Rachel Kan, David Chiang
– The entire series is mainly humourous.
– Edwin Siu will play Yuk Wan Lung (玉雲龍). In the first half of the series, it is very relaxed, not having to film fight scenes. In the latter part, he gets captured by the Eastern Depot and tortured, having to tell vulgar stories to humour the eunuchs. He has a romantic storyline with Grace Chan and Roxanne Tong.
– Ben Wong will play a Jinyiwei Commander who is both good and evil. He is a martial arts expert. He and Grace are master and apprentice. He has a romantic storyline with Rachel Kan. John Chiang is his master; however, after falling out, there may be a few fight scenes.
– Grace will play a high-ranked Jinyiwei. She is serious, has a murderous aura, and is cold.
– John will play a wulin leader.
– Otto Chan will play Pin Fuk (蝙蝠), a member of the Eastern Depot.
– Harriet Yeung will play Siu Lung Ku (小龍姑).
– Tyson Chak will play Tse Gwo (謝過).
– Roxanne will play Ngai Bing Bing (艾冰冰), Celine Ma’s daughter.
– Celine will play Ngai Suet (艾雪).
– Raymond Chiu Tin Meh Wah (田咩華), a member of the Eastern Depot.
– Joe Yau will play Yuen Hau (袁猴).
– Gregory Lee will play a swordsman in the Eight Trigrams Sect.
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